Sunday, January 22, 2012

Identity Crisis.

So recently I've had a bit of a turn in my life, my three year relationship suddenly ended and I moved back in with my mother. Who thankfully was more than happy to have me back, I'm still in college after all. But that's not really my point. My point is I've taken some time to evaluate who I am and how I perceive myself and have come to the realization that there is a vast disconnect between the person that I am and the person that I picture myself to be in my head. I don't know if that makes much sense, basically the me in my head looks and acts a lot like this. 

super hero powers included.
While in reality I see myself more like this. 

This disconnect really severely bothers me. Its not that I hate my normal geeky average self, its that the person in my head is a reminder of what I could, be and do and accomplish if I apply myself properly. So I'm starting a slew of 30 day challenges from working out with NTC every day to keeping my living space an obsessive clean (trust me a huge jump)

The normal state of affairs.

The thing is, the biggest part about myself that I want to change will undoutably be the most difficult and the thing that will stand in my way with the rest of my goals. I have fantastically terrible at keeping commitments to myself, eat healthy exercise, it doesn't matter I get all into it for the first few days and then quit. So this is why I need you, unfortunate passer by to my humble blog. I don't care if your here entirely on accident and have no intention of returning. YOU. WILL. RETURN. and when you do and you find that I have gone five days without a update I implore you to bug the crap out of me spam my blogger inbox leave offensive comments insulting me what ever you need to do to get me updating on the situation. (encouragement would also be welcome)

Wish me luck my lovely little cherubs and fell free to share any life-changing goals you have (or have not) accomplished.


Jennifer said...

I too am working on being healthier with my fiance, so I understand how that can, in itself, add more stress and just make it harder to do better.

I'm trying to keep the stress level down and be healthier, because I know stress adds to my weight.

Anyway, if you would like me to pester you, I shall. :) Good luck to you. :D

Bridget said...

Jennifer- I'm with you on the stress eating thing. I'm still in college so its super hard to avoid the stres=snack conundrum.

Good luck with your healthy goals, and I'm always happy to be pestered!

Kimmy said...

Prepare to be bugged. XD I expect to read more blog entries.
Come on Black Widow, you can do it!!!

Patrick said...

A couple of years ago I dropped 45 pounds by counting calories, weighing in weekly, making up my own at-home workouts, and taking a swimsuit photo each month to visually track my progress. Throughout all of that, the key was to have a good Monday. It sets the tone for the rest of the week.

Bridget said...

Kimmy- Woo! always happy to be bugged my motivation is pretty high right now but knowing me I'm gonna need all the pestering I can get

Patrick- Holy Bobka! 45lbs? congrats man, I'll have to do the photo thing to track my progress I get discouraged so easily by what the scale says. :]

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