Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Your Fired!

So, I may well have gotten myself fired from my job at Panera Penitentiary Bread this Tuesday, but as I have not desire to find out definitively at this moment, or the seer enormity of the shits I do not give about that place at the moment I'm not calling to find out. You see as wonderful and yummy their food is, they absolutely suck as an employer. 
Take the food and get out.

They were fine my first semester with them, I was taking all online classes so my availability was wide open, I worked a ton made decent money, and for the most part the managers were nice. But then I started taking classes in the actual school again and that is when they started getting bitchy, blatantly disregarding my schedule and having me find a replacement when I couldn't work because I was in class. I gave them a months notice to change when I worked each time, so I wasn't being unreasonable. Now I've transferred schools and am trying to get more involved, buff up my resume perhaps spend some time studying abroad, you know normal end, of university stuff. So my schedule got a bit tighter, and I told them I cannot work Tuesdays (three classes plus an acapella group) Again plenty of notice, everything should be fine.. Pah...
Yes I AM that dorky 

Fast forward to this past Tuesday where rehearsal is just starting, I feel my phone vibrate and I ignore it, I was a bit busy at the time. When I get out I see that I have a message, from who else Panera, telling me that its o'clock (actually it six a few hours had passed) and that they hoped that I was on my way because I was late. Which is, complete bull crap,  I wasn't on the schedule for that day, and four is way before my availability for Tuesday was before I joined the club. I was just so sick of their crap I didn't even bother to call them back, and they didn't call again. 

So as for me being a no-call no-show I'm pretty sure at the very least I will be written up, or fired. And sadly enough, I'm kind of hoping for the later, I swear I am just that sick of that place. So here is to hoping they go Donald Trump on my ass.
Your Free!


Carrymel said...

I pulled a no-call, no-show once at my old job and unfortunately, I wasn't fired although i was *reeeeaaallly* banking on it. Here's to hoping you're set free!

SnuggleSlut said...

Well damn, I was really hoping that would be the end of this mess (though I'm pretty sure they don't want to fire me I do too much there)

Ah well looks like you did eventually escape your job. :]

Elle said...

Happy comment love day!! I clicked to check out your blog, because the name intrigued me, and I'm glad I did! I'm an adult student, so I can relate to trying to juggle school and work. LOL @ "here is to hoping they go all Donal Trump on my ass." I hope you're free! ;-)

Jessa said...

That's awful of them! I hate when they turn it around like that and make you look bad. Now they can say you didn't show up for shifts even though you know you weren't scheduled and they knew you couldn't work then anyway. Ugh.

katrina kay said...

if you hate it that much, quit

SnuggleSlut said...

Elle and Jessa -thanks for stopping by, fortunately/unfortunately they kept my ass and didn't even mention the incident. sorta weird.

Kartina- I probably should quit, seeing at it makes me want to die a little, but I just can't rationalize quitting without another job.

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