Thursday, September 22, 2011

So.... Not fired?

In my last post I told you guys about the Panera Indecent where they called my in the middle of my school day telling me that I needed to be in school. My phone being on vibrate I ignored it, and didn't get their message for hours after. Since I was angry at the time, I didn't bother calling back and was fully expecting to be fired for a no-call-no-show.

Thus I went to work on Friday expecting at the very least a good talking to... Instead I'm pretty sure I entered the twilight zone. Not a single manager mentioned it at all. not. a one. Which trust me is as weird as it gets for panera. I've had manages give me a talking to for leaving the bakery for more than a minute. So the complete absence of acknowledgement of them even calling me was way too bizarre. I even checked my messages afterward to make sure that it HAD happened. 

To sum up, I'm still employed. Apparently on Tuesdays I live in an alternate dimension. Panera be crazy.


Salonie said...

That's weird.
But in a good way, right?


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