Friday, July 8, 2011

Victory is Mine!

When I first started working at Panera bread I was a healthy 112 pounds (on average) Now in typical girl mode I wasn't happy with this, in my mind I could have stood to loose another 5lbs before I would be really happy with the way I looked (for all you concerned citizens out there I stand at a whopping 5'2") That was a year ago. 

Then came Panera. Now I'm not saying it was the job itself that caused me to gain a good 10-15 pounds within the first few months. I'm saying it was my inner fat ass near all those delicious cookies and double fudge brownies for 30+ hours a week that may have been a big factor.

say no to this, I dare you.

Then I got my celiac test which confirmed that I am a certified glu-tard me and bread are no longer on good terms. On the bright side I started getting better and I wasn't rejecting any of my meals *yay* on the down side I had to change my eating habits to a normal person, you know now that I can eat half the amount of food for the same amount of nutrients. 

Nom Nom Nom

Predictable I gained a bit of weight. Also predictably I did not sit very well with me, I've always been small and am determined to stay that way, but healthily. I made a promise to myself that I would be back to my former weight by my cousins wedding at the end of July. And for super awesome bonus point to my ideal weight by my friend's wedding in mid August. So after months at the gym and forgoing sweets for chicken ceasar salad has finally paid off and I'm only one pound away from my goal weight. 

So screw you excess weight I shall kick your ass down the stairs and out the door, because damn it I will not be the girl at my friends wedding that got fat after high school. 

So has anyone else had any issues with their weight after graduating or starting a new job? How did you get over it? Any tips for me in the home stretch? 


Nicole said...

You go girl! Visiting via Comment Love. New follower! super cute blog!

Jenn said...

Stopping by from Comment Love Day & new follower!

I just started a link-up on fridays, called the "Skinny Jean Pact" at - I have battled with weight loss since I left for college, 11 years ago, and now, twenty pounds heavier than I was when I left for college, I'm determined to lose that freshman 15 once and for all!

Weight Watchers worked .. but I fell off that wagon twice. And now, I'm doing Nutrisystem (starting on Monday when my food arrives). I always fell off the wagon when I was where you are - so close to getting to the goal weight!! If I would have kept with what I was doing instead of "rewarding" myself with goodies so close to the end, I probably wouldn't have "relapsed" like I did!

Hope you stop by Friday to link-up!!

SnuggleSlut said...

Nicole - thanks so much I'm working hard on both my weight and the blog ^.^

Jenn- Thanks :] I love hearing form other people who are struggling with weight loss like I did/still am to an extent. I may very well be checking it out.

Meri said...

Way to go! It's so hard to figure out your bodies changes as a woman when you "grow up" and are no longer a teenager. Plus, your early twenties is APPARENTLY (as I've learned) when all of these damn food intolerances and heartburn and crap all emerge! Gah! I admire that you've taken care of yourself in a healthy way to have your body look and feel how you want.

SnuggleSlut said...

Meri- Thank you, Its been hard, makes me long for the days when I was 12 lbs lighter and complaining that I was "too fat" I was an idiot. :/

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