Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Have a New Deoderant! (and you should totally care)

Here is the story of my new deodorant

My boy, whom I love dearly, is always finding new web sites and caused to concern him. ( How he finds these thinks I have no idea) Recently he found the campaign for safe cosmetics which basically outlines all of the unsafe products that are put into the majority of cosmetics/shampoo/deodorant that could cause cancer and are highly toxic in large numbers.

Now the boy tends to get VERY passionate about these sort of things and immediately swore off all these products and would make his own shampoo and soap from natural products. OK, I have no issue with that. But then he said that he was swearing of his deodorant as well.... that I have a HUGE problem with, I love him, I do, but he tends to get stinky. Thus my epic quest to find a deodorant that was in compliance with the Campaign for safe Cosmetics began.

 After much searching I finally found one such deodorant called the Crystal body deodorant which uses Ammonium sulfate which is totally non-toxic, better yet it works. Added bonus: It is completely orderless (Unless you want it to be of course.) It goes on clean skin and keeps those nasty stinky bacteria away.

I tired it out for a few days at my place of employment, which for me at least tends to be very physically active, and it worked just as well as my old deodorant.

So I recommend you checkout the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, support their cause and switch to less dangerous cosmetics, and deodorants.


Kristina Fugate said...

I might buy some of that :)
I actually make my own natural shampoo, too. Glad to hear I'm not the only one! lol.


I wish I could do that!
I have to use clinical stregnth because well...i'll be honest...I GET FUNKY LIKE A DUDE FOR REAL! I take like three showers a day! My pits just act an ass! Thank god I don't have problems with my ...ahemmm...other areas lol

SnuggleSlut said...


I have a tendency to get a bit funky monkey in the pit area too. I reapply around three times a day, just because I'm uber paranoid about my funk.

AFon said...

It seems that everything causes cancer these days I don't know if I can live without water bottles, deodorant, diet coke, and so many other things. Hmm for now I'll take my chances because me without deodorant would not be pretty.


KMSull said...

I'm so glad it worked for you (hi, btw, I found you on 20sb)! My mom tried it and it so didn't work but I'm glad it works for someone!

katiegirl said...

I'm also a fan of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. I use a MooGoo deodorant which is safe, and works well enough. I'm another funky monkey. Gosh, glad to hear I'm not the only one :-)

To the person up above, who said they couldn't give up diet coke....I suggest you do some research on aspartame. Might make you change your mind. Yes, so many things seem to cause cancer these days....that's precisely why cancer is so rife these days (1 in 3 people, actually)

(Sorry, didn't mean to hijack your blog, it's just that I get totally passionate about this issue. I'm currently building a website, about it.)

PS. Found you via 20SB.

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